Mental Health

Sorry I have been M.I.A.


To those who follow my relatively new blog or to those who just nose-ie in every once in a while through my Facebook link, I am sorry that I haven’t kept up with my posts.

The purpose of this blog is to communicate science to an audience, I personally have chosen to write about some pretty full on topics, the science behind them isn’t actually that bad, but for some people the posts can hit home a little hard.

I have been MIA (missing in action) the past week as I have been battling with feelings and thoughts (some are things I have come to consider more through writing this blog), and as you might have noticed, trying to keep on top of uni hasn’t necessarily been successful for me.

I hope that I have returned to my senses for long enough to keep this blog going until the end of the semester (and catch up what I have missed).

If you are having a tough time out there, or just want to chat, hit me up on my social media, if it’s something that might be of a helping hand to others I might ask your permission to use the scenario in a blog post to address the science behind it, why it happens and how others might be able to manage it (if this is the case I would keep personal details fully confidential, unless you ask otherwise), but otherwise I would be more than happy to help out by lending a listening ear.

Listen to the following video by Prince Ea, poet, activist, speaker, director, and content creator, he creates positive, inspirational and thought provoking content, mostly videos as below.


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