January 2016 after Maliau Basin rainforest project

Abbie Wakelin

Last summer I had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Borneo and stay in Maliau Basin, one of the protected rainforest systems of Sabah, Malaysia. This involved me trekking through the rainforest daily to look for and photograph all the interesting plants, mammals, birds and fungi, with this information I am creating an e-book that will be used by tourists and locals to educate them on the wonders that exist in these majestic, yet endangered ecosystems and why we need to make the efforts now in order to save them.

I chose to create a blog revolving around the human mind, feelings and emotions because I am very interested in how things can be perceived differently between people all due to the complicated human brain. I hope that while I am learning interesting things, you also get to learn a new thing or two with me.

My passion lies in saving the planet, I know this is a huge feat, but I believe that if enough of us are rallying towards the same end-goal we can make the world a better place. ❤️‍

If you want a different topic to strike up a conversation with me on, good topics might include:

  • What song is on your repeat track atm? (I am one of those people that can just listen on repeat for ages, the songs at the bottom of this page are currently on repeat)
  • What is a super cool animal fact you know?
  • Pretty much anything sport related
  • Also talk to me about anything that interests you!
    • New music
    • New art
    • Your passion
    • What you do/what you study
    • What you want to study

“I appreciate everything, my taste in music probably best displays this, and my excessive liking and sharing on facebook, I just want everyone to have the chance to see the things I feel grateful for seeing!”

Creative Commons Licence Blog background licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License: One in a million (S)Author:  Ignasi Àvila Padró on subtlepatterns.com.


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